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YellowSprinkles Authenticity Verification

How to verify the authenticity of mission statement

An idea this like this will spread like wildfire.  The creator of envisioned this idea going viral very quickly and took technical steps to prove the authenticity of the Mission statement.   The timestamped mission statement can be verified by using 's free cryptographic-timestamping service available at using the steps outlined below:
1. Download the Mission Statement PDF document here .

2. Upload that PDF document to .

3. Verify that the sha256sum of that PDF file is the same as what's on the certificate here and/or here .
Congratulations!  You just cryptographically proved that the Mission statement is exactly as it was when it was written on May 26, 2017.  Confirmed by the power of the bitcoin blockchain, and the ethereum blockchain by Stampery , more powerful than any notary service in the world.